Table of Contents: Personal Events

Absence of parent Retrieve 12 Documents
Arrest or imprisonment Retrieve 220 Documents
Assault Retrieve 1 Documents
Attending school Retrieve 31 Documents
Battle Retrieve 1850 Documents
Captured Retrieve 72 Documents
Childbirth Retrieve 15 Documents
Courtship Retrieve 95 Documents
Death of child Retrieve 39 Documents
Death of comrade Retrieve 93 Documents
Death of friend or neighbor Retrieve 70 Documents
Death of other family member Retrieve 60 Documents
Death of parent Retrieve 20 Documents
Death of sibling Retrieve 40 Documents
Death of spouse Retrieve 13 Documents
Desertion Retrieve 14 Documents
Drafting Retrieve 2 Documents
Emigration Retrieve 7 Documents
Enlistment Retrieve 88 Documents
Family separation Retrieve 213 Documents
Foraging Retrieve 114 Documents
Graduation Retrieve 6 Documents
Household moves Retrieve 41 Documents
Inheritance Retrieve 2 Documents
Leaving job Retrieve 76 Documents
Left school without graduating Retrieve 1 Documents
Loss of income Retrieve 13 Documents
March Retrieve 771 Documents
Medical treatment Retrieve 71 Documents
Mental illness Retrieve 2 Documents
Mustering out Retrieve 54 Documents
Mutiny Retrieve 4 Documents
Physical illness of author Retrieve 307 Documents
Physical illness of child Retrieve 65 Documents
Physical illness of friend or neighbor Retrieve 13 Documents
Physical illness of other family member Retrieve 25 Documents
Physical illness of parent Retrieve 28 Documents
Physical illness of sibling Retrieve 48 Documents
Physical illness of spouse Retrieve 21 Documents
Pregnancy Retrieve 16 Documents
Promotion Retrieve 124 Documents
Religious experience Retrieve 4 Documents
Retirement Retrieve 1 Documents
Spouse's absence Retrieve 485 Documents
Starting job Retrieve 63 Documents
Strategic planning Retrieve 1271 Documents
Surrender Retrieve 33 Documents
Training Retrieve 20 Documents
Wedding Retrieve 19 Documents
Wounded Retrieve 52 Documents