Find Battles

Use this screen to find battles by specific criteria.

Battle Name: (e.g., Hill's Plantation)
Battle Location: (e.g., Virginia)
Battle Description Keyword: (e.g., McDowell AND failure)
Year: (e.g., 1864 or 1864-1865)
Month Started: (e.g., 2 or 2-5)
Day Started: (e.g., 22 or 22-28)
Day of Week: (e.g., Monday)
Theater: (e.g., Trans-Mississippi)
Campaign: (e.g., Grant's Overland Campaign )
Leaders: (e.g., Marmaduke)
Troop Size: (e.g., 500-2500)
Confederate Troop Size: (e.g., 1800-10000)
Union Troop Size: (e.g., 400)
Overall Losses: (e.g., 1892 or 1000-2000)
Confederate Losses: (e.g., -50)
Union Losses: (e.g., 360-)
Confederate Wounded: (e.g., 800-)
Union Wounded: (e.g., -721)
Confederate Missing in Action: (e.g., -30)
Union Missing in Action: (e.g., 0-290)

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